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How are you affiliated with Norton by Symantec? Are you a dealer?
We are a registered partner of Norton by Symantec, selling their entire suite of software products. Norton by Symantec carefully selects their partners and we are pleased to have a relationship with them. They have placed their trust in us to represent, sell and advertise their products. 
Do you offer the same prices as Norton by Symantec?
All purchases are actually made on the Norton by Symantec online store for your particular country, so there is absolutely no markup in pricing. Moreover, you have the potential of benefiting from partner-specific promotional pricing when it’s available. Please refer to our Norton coupon codes section to view all current promotions for your country.
What are the advantages of buying through you?
One of our objectives as a registered Norton by Symantec partner is to promote their wide range of online security, computer performance and data protection products. To meet this objective, we have designed our website in such a way as to help you make an informed buying decision. It is important to understand what you are buying and to know the differences between the Symantec products you are considering. We strive for your total satisfaction and want to ensure that you purchase only the exact software you need.
In order to achieve this, we put together high-quality content that helps describe each product in simple terms. This is not always easy to have access to when considering a software purchase. By going through our site, you are given the chance to understand each product completely, making it a snap for you to decide what specific product you should purchase.
Do your products carry the same guarantees as if I buy them directly through Norton by Symantec?
Absolutely. They carry the exact same warranty and most consumer products from Norton by Symantec can be returned within 60 days of the initial purchase date.
If I have a question, can I contact you? Can I contact the manufacturer? How do I do that?
You can contact us for questions about our site, promotions and our privacy policy.
For all questions about the products we sell (downloads, activations, returns, technical issues and more), we suggest you contact Norton by Symantec directly.
Please refer to our Contact Us page for more information.
Why does Norton by Symantec offer so many computer products that appear to be for the same problem?
As you go up the ladder of the Norton product line, you will find software programs that offer incremental capabilities. This means that at the top, Norton Security Premium includes features found in Norton Security Deluxe, which in turn includes features found in Norton Security Standard. The descriptions for some of these products may be similar, however each product is unique and fulfills a particular user need. We are confident that thanks to our high-quality content, you will understand how each product is different and buy the one that fits your particular needs.
I have read the product descriptions and compared them, but am still confused. How do I know which product to buy?
We would refer you to Norton by Symantec’s official website where they have a great interactive tool that can help you determine which product is best for your specific needs.
Are there outside reviews available?
Yes, most definitely. Although the reviews on this site are our own, we recommend that you check sites such as and for ‘external’ Norton by Symantec product reviews.
Do your products come with user manuals and other instructions?
If you choose to download your product, you will find the appropriate user manual on the Norton by Symantec online store for your country. If you order the CD for your product, you will have access to its user manual on the CD itself.
Are Norton by Symantec products the best available?
Norton by Symantec products are among the very best in the computer security and performance software industry because they are of the highest quality, have strong loyalty among customers and have been around for a long time, benefiting from numerous improvements, updates and bug fixes over the years. Also, we cannot answer this question without mentioning the huge gains in product performance across the board in the recent rounds of releases.
Do Macs have less viruses than PC’s?
Generally, this is true. However, it does not mean that Macs are completely immune to viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other external invasions. Assuming such a thing could cause you to lose valuable data. We recommend that you read our article titled Online Threats: Are Macs Really Safer Than PCs? in the Learning Center section of our site for more information about this particular subject.
Are there good online resources for more information about computer security and performance as well as data protection?
We recommend you first visit our Learning Center, where you will find a variety of informative articles on these topics. In addition, the Symantec official website is of course a fantastic resource of its own!
Some terms like phishing, Trojan horse, etc. confuse me. Do you have a glossary that explains them?
Yes, we do. You will find the definitions of the terms that are confusing you in our comprehensive Computer Security Glossary
What will happen to my computer if I don’t install security software on it?
Apart from potentially making your computer unusable, a malware attack could cause you to lose valuable data such as personal files, sensitive information and software applications. Not to mention you could help in spreading a number of malicious programs to other innocent and unprotected Internet users without even knowing it!

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